Sonic birds flutter in and out of aural perception in “Like a Painting” the latest single from dreampop outfit Head Sound. Not much is known about the enigmatic force behind this artist but none of that is a hindrance to enjoy the impressionist blooms of soothing guitars and resplendent vocals in this masterfully crafted song. While other artists prefer haziness and obscurity in their shoegaze compositions, Like a Painting feels like a refined distillation of sound while still keeping the overall feel a mystery. Like a dream you’re sure you’ve had before, certain of the emotions that it embedded into your head, but can’t remember the exact details of. 

There’s a demo version of this very same song in Head Sound’s previous EP, which they bluntly entitled “Demos”. That previous version is a touch more jagged, off-balance and distorted at certain angles, leaving the listeners tip-toed on whichever way to focus. While it has its merits and presents an interesting experience,  I definitely prefer the re-release simply because it evokes a more positive atmosphere.  The retooled version feels more intentional in its vagueness, updating a bit more clarity in the main riff and retouching the vocals with a fluffy overdub. Like a Painting is masterfully done. If I could, I’d definitely hang it on my wall.

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