Goddamn Wolves is a band that balances the grittiness of hard rock and punk with a desire for great melodies. We’ve reviewed their previous single “Older, Slower” a few months back and are excited to discover more. Their songs ooze with a distinctly sweet edginess that you can’t get elsewhere, and their latest single Seven Days a Week is no exception. The crunchy distorted guitars and loud volumes in no way hinder the sweltering oohs and ahhs of every harmonized note. These contrasting colors and moods blend together so well. Members of the trio share vocal duty, resulting in something sweet in every bar. Chris Weilding (guitarist/songwriter), Laura McCullough (bass) and Drew Foglia (drums) are hitting it out of the park with every single song oozing with heavy charm. 

The male/female vocal duet is something Goddamn Wolves have been refining to perfection and now it has been a distinctive part of their sound. This particular song is noteworthy as this was where Laura started collaborating with Chris in the songwriting department, adding a new dynamic to the band. ‘Seven Days a Week’ is a flash of energy that burns its mark and leaves you wanting for more–a feeling that contradicts the song’s narrator, who’s worried that perhaps they are getting past their prime. As far as we can tell, Goddamn Wolves are still rocking on all fronts and leaving a lasting impression.

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