Those who follow Giack Bazz through his socials are well aware that he’s cooking something in the studio. He’s been teasing that 2024 will be full of surprises. We’re glad to have an inside scoop and tell everyone that he’s about to release his latest single “The Moon Is Painted” on February the 28th. 

For those who need further introduction, Giack (born Federico Giacobazzi) is a London-based singer-songwriter who has been slowly growing into a relentless creative force. Ever since his debut in 2016, where his album “Childhood Dream” was funded via crowdfunding and later turned into a rock opera, he’s been consistently growing a prolific body of work that shows no sign of stopping.

Giack has pulled all the stops for upcoming album slated to release in July 2024 entitled “Bedtime Stories for Computers”. The songwriter summoned two complete bands, as well as

violins, trombones and flutes from the “Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro Comunale di Bologna”. The fruits of this labor are in full view in The Moon is Painted–an ambitious fusion of orchestral and rock instruments with Giack’s poetic prowess. The song’s anthemic hooks serve as a great prelude for what’s to come while being a good stand-alone addition to any rock playlist with a grandiose vision. We still have more from this artist on the pipeline but make sure to check out his previous releases “Come Te” and the full length album “Just a Little Bit More Famous” as well.

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