Giack Bazz examines the current state of the music industry with his latest single Only Fans. Bazz has never shied away from experimentation, having accomplished such monumental projects such as his own rock opera, a couple of boldly imaginative concept albums, along with a 6 hour 366 song endeavor called ‘Impression AI’. In Only Fans, he expresses his disappointment and frustration at the current state of the music industry. Streaming giants have taken the reins and commodified art into bot-led playlists while paying pennies to the artist. These artists are now forced to spread word of their creations through social media, opening even more pitfalls and falling at the mercy of algorithmic gatekeepers. In the song, Bazz wonders if they’ll have to strip down and sell their bodies to Only Fans only to get a click.

The music is restrained contemporary pop-rock with a dark undertone simmering underneath. Bazz’ production is top-notch as always and his songwriting remains razor-sharp. His lines are filled with depth that could potentially take a ton of re-listens to get to the core of his emotions. 

Only Fans is a protest, a start of a movement, a plea for artists to get together and have a conversation. Giack Bazz lights a signal with his unique artistic voice and concern for the craft. It’s time to make a change.

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