Gedalya turns spiritual advice into song with his latest single A Troubled Soul. Also known as the Folk Rock Rabbi, Gedalya travels across the country and regularly performs in prisons as part of his advocacy. A Troubled Soul based on a true story, but it’s also someone who could easily be one of us. He sings in a relaxed folk-country style, giving advice for those troubled by fear and anxiety. A poet since he was young, he delivers endearing lines such as: “If there’s worry in your head, think about something else instead. There are things that you can control, but you don’t have to be a troubled soul.”

A Troubled Soul is simple yet effective, with no hint of being preachy or coming from someone looking down on his subject. A large hindrance for people wanting to help others is not meeting them where they’re at and understanding their current situation, but Gedalya’s approach is far from that. It’s like having a friend lend an ear to your foibles and offering his genuine advice.

Gedalya is doing great work spreading his message across the country. His non-profit org, A New Song USA, is dedicated to using the power of music to unite, inspire and give strength to people from all walks of life. Follow him and his soothing songs on your favorite streaming platforms.

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