Gary Dranow offers a heartfelt ode to nature in his latest single The Heart of The Forest. Here, he tones down the guitars and volume in favor of a solemn piano ballad. Still, he carries the spirit of the blues as he appreciates the beauty of nature while lamenting the neglect that humans brought about. Gary reminds us that we must not let nature continue on this path or the next generation will suffer, it is indeed a treasure that we must protect. The Heart of The Forest is a reflection of the magic that nature has brought to enrich our lives. 

Dranow’s voice and rhythmic cadence is distinct and even more compelling in this song. His full voice is decisive yet sentimental, with a cold Eddie Vedder-like tone. It’s a different demeanor entirely from his other work, which just illustrates how versatile and well-rounded his artistry is. As Gary states: “Music is more than just notes and lyrics; it’s a medium to express the depth of human emotions and experiences.” 

His appreciation for nature also serves as a reflection of his own story. Gary Dranow has turned to music to heal from physical and mental ailments. What better way is there to heal than to return to the natural world and appreciate its beauty. The Heart of The Forest is a soothing ballad fit for any ailing soul.

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