Coasting is the latest single from London-based indie artist Freddy Merkky. This is his second attempt at a fully recorded, produced, and mixed single from his living room turned music studio and the result is truly impressive. His influences encompass various corners of the musical world, from Raye to Moor Mother, Idles to Alex Maas and Fred Again. Merkky started performing and releasing music in 2020 with their first single The West. Since then he has gone to play in numerous music festivals.

Freddy Merkky’s aim in writing and recording is to pull from a wide range of influences to create something new. His first rule when creating music is to avoid being boxed into one particular sound, so it is no surprise that his punk-laden first single is very much different to his latest in Coasting. 

This new single starts with a steady hip-hop beat and a vibe that’s cool and subdued, like the coastline’s demeanor on a cloudy day. In it, Merkky sings about ‘running to the coast again’, mirroring his relationship with escapism and how it affects his day-to-day life. It’s contemplative and pleasant, but wrapped in a dark tinge that signals an incoming tide–one that might ruin the otherwise tranquil sea. 

With only a few singles out, and a strong DIY ethos, Freddy Merkky proves he has the talent and artistic vision to create deep and compelling music. Check him out on all streaming platforms.

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