I’ve been writing music reviews for years yet seldom come across a song that grips me in the first few seconds and never lets go. Such is the case for Japanese Dreams by Frank Rabeyrolles. The single is immediately enchanting, like a siren guiding you by the hand to explore the hazy atmosphere of faded dreams and memories. Frank’s sonic pallet is incredibly deep and intricate, which makes sense since he’s been relentlessly developing his craft for over decades. This song was inspired by his recent visit to Japan, and it really captures the feeling of being lost in another world where everything is unfamiliar yet entirely beautiful. It’s hard to believe that you’ve made it your whole life not being able to enjoy such hidden beauty. 

Frank crafts this guided experience with his use of twangy guitars, dreamy melodies and ambient tones, weaving together a wonderful tapestry of sound. One can find his previous work under the moniker of Double U and later Franklin, which lean mainly towards dream pop. This current offering under his real name has really been a culmination of his hard work and dedication. Japanese Dreams as a single to his upcoming album “Minor Blue” which is set to come out soon in February 2024. Don’t miss it.

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