Former Lives is the project of Sean Joseph Klassen. This serves as his love letter to dream pop, making use of overdriven guitars, analog synths and arcane lyrics to fill his artistic drive. Some Things Never Change Is Inevitable is their latest release in 2024, and their follow up to the EP Ceremony of Leaving, which was released in 2022. His songs tap on deep emotions, making use of haunting melodies and dreamy soundscapes with an edge of post-punk. It’s clear how much love and dedication Klassen has for this genre, as he is able to intricately stitch complex elements together for a cohesive sound. This dreamy, shoegaze style is not easy to pull off, requiring attention to detail and making sure each instrument has its place while maintaining a balanced blend. Former Lives doesn’t seem to trip one bit in that department.

Some Things Never Change Is Inevitable is a clever play on words, combining two opposite ideas together with its middle ground being the idea of change. The song talks about catching your breath through a phase of anxiety, trying to reorient yourself as your heart rate rises and suffocation sets in. Cosmic synths litter the mix, shining rays of light through the soundscape as Klassen’s breathy lyrics slow down to a fade. Former Lives is a gem of a find, and a must recommend for lovers of dream pop.

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