Enigmatic duo Forever Searching is on a quest to discover the perfect sound, and their debut single “I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore” is a big step towards their end goal, with it being the perfect introduction to their distinctive and experimental soundscape that’s simply amazing to listen to. Reminiscent of some of the biggest names in indie right now, their latest single is a melancholic dream-pop journey through this musical landscape that’ll leave you yearning for more from them. No worries though, because Forever Searching is definitely here to say, much to our delight.

Its cascading drumbeats lay its foundations, giving the song a fuller sound despite being dreamy and ethereal in nature. The bass line may be subtle, but oh boy does it pulsate with its addictiveness. Its presence may not be the most prominent element in the song, but it simply adds a flare that we would be missing out on if it weren’t there. The synths are out-there and mesmerizing, matching the dreamy vocals and harmonies to the note simply perfectly. There’s a certain eeriness and haunting vibe from the song that’s implicative behind the song’s theme and lyrics.

Forever Searching may be new to most of us, but their music will definitely set the standard for dream pop, even with their debut single. Stream “I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore” on all streaming platforms now.

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