Philadelphia-based artist Francis Convery, better known as his multi-instrumentalist persona Fonvery has a new single for all of the folks that relate to Michael Cera’s awkward character in the 2007 film Juno with “Did You Want Me To Love You?”. And honestly, who hasn’t at some point, right? The track is lighthearted, upbeat, and mixes elements of electronica into its indie acoustic vibe, with the lyrics resonating with everyone who’s ever had an awkward first date with a potential partner through its storytelling.

The track opens by revealing all of its cards from the get-go, but don’t worry, because it works in its favor. It sets the vibe early, wasting no time in capturing you with its catchy tune. The beats are consistent, accented by guitar riffs that create the song’s signature, indie film-like feeling. Fonvery’s vocals are clear and express the feelings that the lyrics invoke perfectly, and the pops of synth sprinkled throughout the song that become more prominent as it nears its end will just leave you wanting more. The song’s lightheartedness coupled with the intentional awkward feeling of the lyrics work together well, and the harmonies during its chorus are just breathtaking. And trust us, we’ve had it on repeat too, it’s completely natural.

“Did You Want Me To Love You?” will make you feel as though you’ve been thrust into an early 2000’s romantic comedy, and we’re all here for it. Stream Fonvery’s newest single, out now on all streaming platforms.

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