California-based Firebug releases their latest single encouraging peace, love, and preventing more division through the hopeful and emotive “Red, White and Blue”. It mixes elements of rock, blues, and pop for a modern fusion that redefines what modern rock can truly be. The song creates a sense of unity within the self and for others, empowering us through togetherness.

The track starts with a marching band-like opening, before introducing its core instruments, particularly its very infectious and addictive guitar riffs. The guitar is prominent, and it definitely brings the song together. Don’t underestimate the other instruments though, because they complement these riffs perfectly without losing their identity at all. The vocals by lead singer Juliette Tworsey are clear and powerful, adding to the already moving instrumental with the layered harmonies making us rock our head back and forth in ways we couldn’t even imagine. The lyrics are true poetry, juxtaposing nationalism with coming together through the great American flag’s colors and what they truly mean.

Sticking to their roots while displaying the musical revolution that they are now in; Firebug’s latest release is a testament to how far they’ve come as a band and how they can masterfully convey messages through their instruments and voice. You can listen to “Red, White and Blue” now on all streaming platforms.

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