Family Video is a seven-piece electronic synthpunk outfit based out of Charlotte, NC. Their latest single Problem With My Heart shows the band going further and adding a new dimension to their already stacked skillset. This track is a marriage of darkwave and dancy-indie-pop, which already draws a certain curiosity and intrigue. Its groove is tight and irresistible while its electronic sound pallet is quite dynamic and filthy (in a funky, good way). The song’s artsy, high-concept idea walks alongside accessibility in a tightrope that only veterans in the scene can manage well. Family Video has all the chops, capable of going into avant garde territory without sacrificing much in the way of listenability. 

Family Video constructs their own MIDI controllers, performs every electronic sound live and fuses organic instruments with digital ones, pulling the maximum potential of every tool in their arsenal while wielding it expertly to inform their unique mix of post-punk and indie pop. This new single bridges them further into the deep end of synthwave and darkwave, showing the versatility and range that the band is capable of and are still willing to explore. On top of that, the song is quite conscious and timely. ‘Problem With My Heart’ depicts a conceited billionaire clinging to technology to stretch out their mortality. Family Video is on the rise, and you best pay attention.

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