Too Long, the latest single by Exceptional Failures was released on February 16, 2024 and has been a mainstay on my bluesy-rock playlist. I listened to it on repeat by instinct, almost forgetting that I had to review it. Indeed, this song is exactly up my alley – a slow rock tune with tasty guitar licks about a working-class man being down on his luck. It’s hard to resist listening to a good man singing his blues, as it seems like we’re having more and more of those lately. 

The Portland based duo composed of singer/vocalist Corey Distler and drummer Dambo have definitely nailed the two-man rock ensemble, filling the song with their commanding presence and making it sound like a full band is wailing away on their instruments. It takes talent, dedication and experience to pull that off, and in this way Exceptional Failures are anything but. Too Long was written at a hole-in-the-wall bar (hence its smoky, dark atmosphere), after a long shift of manual labor during the grueling NW winter. Our narrator is overworked, underpaid and trapped in a seemingly unending grind. The band manages to express this with their raw 70’s inspired riffs, gut-wrenching vocals and drums that are just as controlled during a low shuffle or a deluge of thunder.  Exceptional Failures will demand your attention and grip you with their compelling rock sound. Let loose in their riffs and may your blues be swept away.

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