Bluest of Blue, the latest single from Exceptional Failures is an exhilarating ride. They’ve fused the blues, folk and rock while constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of technical ability and songwriting prowess. This song is paved with an intricate fingerpicking pattern that mirrors the complexities of its subject matter. Vocalist Cory Distler talks about the struggles of his own community while sympathizing with their plight, thus being one of the ‘Bluest of Blue’. Folks who have fallen into dark and troubling times have flocked to the streets and without a lifeline or resources to return to the right path. 

At the midpoint of the song, the intensity ramps up with Dambo’s drum shuffle cascading into a dizzying cacophony. This climb culminates at the bridge, where the song morphs into heavy rock. Desperation and frustration goes at an all time high as the screeching guitar solo concludes in a cathartic blast.

  Any proceeds from this song will be donated to Cultivate Initiatives, a Portland, OR nonprofit organization that provides support to the marginalized and underserved. Exceptional Failures have not only given a voice to help voiceless, but they’ve also made a concerted effort in helping them get back on their feet. Bluest of Blue is rock that makes a difference, and it could use your support and patronage.

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