Edie Yvonne releases a cover to celebrate No Doubt’s reunion at Coachella with her latest single Sometimes. This is our third time reviewing a cover from LA’s 15 year old rising star after Queen Bee and Fade Into You came out earlier this year, and honestly we can’t get enough. At the risk of aging ourselves, it’s always a great feeling when the young generation picks up the music that once defined our lives. The song is about the conflict of wanting to make better decisions yet failing occasionally due to certain lapses in judgment. It’s a story of facing our imperfections and forgiving ourselves, to get up and do better next time.

This is also a great choice for a cover to commemorate No Doubt’s momentous return. Regardless if they chose this consciously not, “Sometimes” reflects the story of No Doubt’s current arc. It mirrors how the band was able to settle their differences and return for the fans. The line: “But I must forgive myself and let the past lay down to rest, And I’ll be prepared to face myself in another day” describes this perfectly. Edie Yvonne makes the song her own by infusing it with her gentle voice, one that has a touch of maturity that gives it a sparkling quality– perfect for the glamorous pop production behind it. Follow Edie Yvonne through your favorite music outlets  and watch her inevitable rise to stardom.

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