Edie Yvonne is a young LA-based songwriter still at the start of her career, yet despite this, we at Buzzy Band believe she has a lot of promise and deserves your attention. She has several singles out now and today we’ll be reviewing her rendition of “No Rain” from the 90’s band Blind Melon.

Many might feel some nostalgia for this song as it was the Blind Melon’s most popular hit. You might also remember it for its music video, which features a little girl dressed up in a bee costume. “Bee Girl” gets heckled during the opening of the song after her tap-dancing performance, but she doesn’t give up and later performs on the streets until she eventually finds a group of like-minded people who accept her.

The original song is jangly and bright, but beneath the surface, it’s ultimately about having a lethargic day and looking for an escape. This is the direction that Edie Yvonne dives into with her slower rendition. The tempo is deliberate and distinctly subdued, with an icy atmosphere and twangy acoustic guitar. Yvonne’s lush vocals stand out as its highlight. Her delivery is sophisticated while tinged with a razor’s edge. It is the perfect marriage of 90’s rock nostalgia and modern pop. 

Check out Edie’s other material right now at https://www.edieyvonne.com/, we recommend having a look at her other singles ‘With the Light’ and ‘In the Rain’ as well, available on your favorite music platform.

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