Edie Yvonne releases another marvelous cover, one that has huge importance in her career and trajectory in the song Fade Into You. Originally by late 80’s alt-rock outfit Mazzy Star, this song was sung by Yvonne when she was 10 years old at the once Bootleg theater at Anna Bulbrook’s Girl School festival. Since that night, it has been her go-to cover song, as it transformed her whole life and opened up the doors to her music career. 

Yvonne’s rendition of the song re-contextualizes it to fit her teen-pop sensibilities. A huge distinction is her unique voice. It’s lighter, delicate, and faded, with a slight reverb that takes the listener above the clouds. Where the original had grit and a slow country-twang, Yvonne brought her sensitive voice that’s dreamy and sweet with a hint of darkness. It fits the modern landscape of heartfelt teen-pop while shedding the nostalgia. This song clearly meant a lot to her, as she was able to expertly mold it to fit her artistic voice and aesthetic.

Edie Yvonne continues to impress us with her consistent growth and output. Her original material and covers alike has made her one of the top artists that we look forward to in this community. She has definitely managed to fade into our hearts.

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