Edie Yvonne seems to be on a roll lately, as she is slated to release her new single “Delusion” on February 14, 2024–her second one of the year. “Delusion” serves as the ending of a trilogy of pop songs after “Girl Code” and “Queen Bee”. The teen pop trilogy dives into Yvonne’s personal experiences, which explores through a very mature and insightful lens. In Delusion, she likens her interactions with her peers as akin to brewing potions using spells to to get ahead. It seems confusing and exhausting from an outsider’s point of view, but our narrator seems to be trapped in the cycle because everyone else is doing it. In the end she admits she kind of likes it: “It’s like a curse, and it’s just getting worse, but I kinda like it too”.

Edie Yvonne gives a lot of praise to her collaborating producers Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta in the crafting of this song. They have captured the allure and mysticism of Yvonne’s lyrics through her vivid descriptions. Her vocals shine and glisten, adding a sense of anxiety. Panning her overdubs in unpredictable ways mimics the confusion of navigating teen life. Edie Yvonne is here, and at such a young age she has shown a lot of promise. This could be the new “Mean Girls” anthem of this generation.

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