Growing pains are natural in a person’s life, and leaving is a painful part of it; we try to pin it on others, just so it hurts a lot less when you do leave. LA-based singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne draws from her own feelings with growing up with her newest release, “15 (When I Leave”. It mixes elements of indie pop with a punk rock twist and is sure to be the anthem of all teens going through the same experience this summer.

Infectious beats and guitar riffs are riddled throughout the song, with some amazing breakdowns that are perfectly timed with the track’s vocals, which is another thing to take note of. Yvonne’s vocals sound full and powerful, which is essential in giving the song its ‘coming of age’ vibe. The lyrics are relatable to everyone going through the same thing as her: moving to new schools, trying to fit in, and having to cope with leaving everything behind to start a new chapter in life. It allows teens to feel heard and seen. All the feelings you must keep bottled up, just waiting to explode. This is displayed perfectly with the artist’s dramatic vocal escalation at the very end of the song, capping it off wonderfully.

Edie Yvonne’s newest single rolled out just in time for summer and is the anthem you need when you’re about to start writing that new page in your book called life. “15 (When I Leave)” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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