Dive into the wonderful harmonies of Wave Goodbye, the latest single from longtime LA musician Eddie Cohn. This song is a labor of love that was two years in the making, and the result is nothing short of fantastic. Cohn tapped into his love of rock n’ roll and grunge, blending elements together to craft a contemporary piece that has parts of U2 and Eddie Vedder. The songs’ crowning glory are the wonderful vocal harmonies. They feel so seamless that it’s oftentimes hard to believe how many there are. Cohn’s production crew should be applauded as the blending of these many elements are executed perfectly. The drums and the bass are also worthy of note, building a solid foundation that gives the song an electrifying energy.

Narratively the song is about waving goodbye to old values that are preventing you from realizing your ideal self. Cohn was inspired by his experience of going through a birthday landmark. With deep introspection, he realizes there needs to be a fundamental change and therefore happily says goodbye to the people and things that don’t enrich his life. 

Eddie Cohn is a well-rounded artist who works as a Yoga teacher, Author, and Podcaster among other things. 2024 is a big year for him and Wave Goodbye is only the start as he plans on releasing new singles monthly. Catch this versatile rocker on all music streaming platforms now!

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