So Loud For a Leaf is the latest single from Houston-based artist dwn bad. This project is Derek Silva’s solo endeavor, started with the aim of expressing himself and reaching as many listeners as possible. So Loud For a Leaf has a blend of romance and nostalgia. A dream-pop tune that conjures sweet memories and faded photographs. At its heart is a confession of love that’s apprehensive, perhaps afraid to make the first step or unsure of how to take things further. 

In his bio, dwn bad writes that he’s a ‘Vibe technician’, which definitely shows in the delicate balance of sounds he’s able to infuse into his creations. So Loud For a Leaf, as well as his previous single Palace of You are both earworms in their own right. Silva has a knack for intricately crafting melodies to fit a mood. The guitars have a warm twang, the drums a faded eagerness and the synths a cinematic flair. 

Dwn bad should be a great fit for indie-pop and dream-pop listeners. Silva offers up a genuine artistic expression that shines through in his songs. So Loud For a Leaf is a mix of classic and contemporary, romantic and dreamy. It’s perfect for the springtime vibe.

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