Down the Lees is set to release their next single Douse on the 15th of February. Slowly the band has been ramping up their production after a massive setback during lockdown, in which its lead creator Laura Lee Schultz was forced to pause the project and retreat back to Canada, derailing her growing success in Europe. The band has since made a comeback with several releases last year and now they’ve come into full force with Douse. 

The song is loud and impactful, seething with incinerating force. The heavy riffs are reminiscent of alternative rock and noise rock of the 90’s and 00’s. Lee’s voice rises through the depths of its brooding guitars and drums. Her incredible range stretches the band’s sound. A sharp falsetto cuts through the track during its subdued parts, but then she unleashes with growling fury during the chorus and breakdown. 

Douse explores the difficulties creatives face on a day-to-day basis. Being an artist is already challenging as it is and recent economic and technological factors have made things even harder. “Don’t you dare douse my flame!” is the central hook of the song, with its narrator using up all their energy just to keep the proverbial fire alive. It’s a song of perseverance and resilience, a rallying cry for everyone who fights to keep living their dreams.

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