As his biggest production to date and from his upcoming debut album “Eclectic Dystopia”, Melbourne-based artist Disconnectica’s newest single “Reveal” boasts an eclectic range of musicality that blends elements of Western and African instruments through a baroque pop tune that has a playful but sinister circus vibe. It’s a display of the lengths that the artist is willing to reach in order to reach the sound that he wants to create. And trust us, this single of his is different from the usual songs you listen to. After hearing this, you’re going to want more and more.

With mixed cultures being a big influence on the track’s instrumental, Robert Webb, better known as his artist moniker Disconnectica, utilised some unconventional instruments that you don’t normally encounter in music, like harpsichord, glockenspiel, and heck, even a kazoo. Even though a ton of different instruments were used, everything came together nicely to create the playfully macabre soundscape that he hoped to make, and oh boy did he create it perfectly. The African-inspired drumming is simply addictive, and the charming, sinister vibe of the vocals truly give off the dark fantasy circus atmosphere that the song wants to evoke.

Disconnectica may be entirely a solo project, but this latest release is a testament to how Webb has all its bases covered. Stream “Reveal” on all streaming platforms now.

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