Walk into an intergalactic luxury club with Disco Dreams and dive into their latest single Lizard Space Lounge. This is the closing track for the 2024 EP Cyber Trippin’ which makes it the last stop of the Cyber Trip and the resting place for the intrepid adventurer. It’s a reassuring respite and a welcome destination after venturing into Disco Dream’s neon-lit retro-psychedelic future world. As the title suggests, this is the most dance-oriented number of the EP and a really fun ride with surprisingly complex twists. Lizard Space Lounge is a fusion of psych and retro synthpop, where industrial and haunting sounds coalesce against a bed of great basslines and grooves. 

Disco Dreams has always had an alluring signature, with an experimental sound and expertise in crafting captivating electronic music. Cyber Trippin’ is no exception, with its first two tracks serving as complex explorations that mirror the technological wilderness of the modern world. It’s mysterious, brooding, ethereal and surprising at times. Disco Dreams manages to weave together both tech and spirituality through his psychedelic musings, melding consciousness with binary algorithms to craft something vaguely familiar. By the end we get a treat at the Lizard Space Lounge–a dark and moody place but with a wonderful dancy groove. It’s a great sendoff for a wonderful EP and a good addition to any dance playlist.

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