Dikenga is the musical project of acclaimed filmmaker, speaker, and author, Steve Balderson. With his latest single “Why Don’t You See”, Balderson offers an unsettling and seductive Bowie-esque track. This is the lead single from the album Bleeding off the Wall. Initially conceived decades ago, the work has been reborn through fresh artwork and music videos, with this single being the first of many.

 “Why Don’t You See” has a unique and distinctive sound. A chugging guitar riff gives it a rigid militaristic vibe, while the vocals evoke a sinister feeling–a back and forth of deception and betrayal with a slight sensual touch. Dikenga’s many artistic disciplines enables him to capture listeners in a unique and unconventional way. The song’s music video which is available on YouTube is crafted via snippets of AI hallucinations, tastefully rendered in a collage of eye-opening imagery. Visions of war are prevalent, which fits well with the themes of narrative distortion and deception that Dikenga sings about. With the AI revolution incoming, reality being distorted is something that’s becoming increasingly relevant. Amazing how something written years ago still resonates strongly today. 

Dikenga has a distinct and intriguing touch that a lot of artists lack these days. “Why Don’t You See” is a masterful combination of old ideas and new innovations, and it’s something that only the best creatives pull off.

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