In this obstacle course of a planet, the only person you can trust is yourself, and every day is a battle. It’s you versus the world, and Dez Rocket’s newest single, “Take On The World” is a funky modern alternative rock tune that is going to be your main character music when you walk out of your doorstep and start the fight. It’s a major middle finger to the system, drawing on Dez’s own experience with violence and authority and was created all by himself, except for the drums which were played by Mike Bertolino.

The instrumental is groovy and upbeat, setting an energetic stage for what’s to come. The song eases us in with isolated guitar riffs, with Dez Rocket’s powerful vocals coming a few seconds in, with the beat and other instruments building up and bringing the whole thing together. The lyrics oppose the system, described by Dez as being “run by a corrupt bunch of psychotic morons” with an awfully predictable world takeover plan. The artist isn’t afraid to utilize the song in showing his stances on current issues, and we are all loving the honesty, and can only say: “same here.” The song finishes with harmonious synths that contrast with the song’s intensity but definitely works out, being the perfect way to cap it all off.

If you need the soundtrack to start your day off right and get all that hatred for the world out, then this song is for you. You can stream Dez Rocket’s newest single “Take On The World” on all streaming platforms.

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