Devon More offers an empowering message in her latest single My Body Is. This is the third on a line of singles the Vancouver-based songwriter has released for her upcoming album The Sky is Falling, which itself is coming out on February the 29th. In it, she asserts her autonomy over her own body, rejecting the pressures of society and what it projects as “appropriate” or “correct”. She also lists down all of these perceived hard rules, showcasing how confusing and arbitrary they all could be. “This body / It’s my only home / Won’t you just leave it alone”, she sings through a wall of thick drums. This latest single follows the release of ‘Finally Yours’ and ‘Songbird’ in 2023.’My Body Is’ is also one of 5 original songs featured in Devon More’s critically acclaimed stage show – Hits Like A Girl (2019), in which she explores the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury she acquired in her early 20s. Knowing this definitely adds more to the song, as it shows that she of all people knows how the hardship of losing control of one’s own capacities. More’s great lyrical storytelling and infectious melodies lead to easily relatable songs. Being a well-traveled polyglot also helps in giving her songs a wide reach. My Body Is out now on all streaming platforms.

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