Sharing the same title as their newest album, Rome-based new-wave electronic rock band Despite The Wane’s “Beyond that Wall” is an energetic, almost psychedelic rock ballad that shows their distinctive soundscape, defined by intense drum beats with addictive guitar shreds that are supplemented by a subtle, but powerful bass line that is the perfect song to build their album around.

Starting off with a trippy, psychedelic vibe, the vocals by Mir Kollins serve as its official introduction, playing off of the established psychedelic nature of the song’s beginnings with a distinct, woozy singing style. The track then builds up and intensifies, introducing the beats and bass lines right on cue, where the electronic rock influences of the band really shine through in the end. The vocals during the song’s verses carry over the psych vibe, while the choruses are just full-on headbanging rock that’s just super addicting. Kollins’ swap between slow, narrative and powerful, melodious singing styles shows how he’s perfected his role as the band’s lead vocalist. His belts during each chorus are simply outstanding, and really pull everything together.

Despite The Wane’s latest single shows how they’ve mastered the creation of their distinct sonic landscape, and we can’t wait to hear more from them. You can listen to “Beyond that Wall” on all streaming platforms now.

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