We are excited to introduce Desk lamps’ latest single Shape I’m In, which is taken from their upcoming EP Conference Pop. The band is a collaboration between friends Kevin Adamson and Rob Rieben. The two have known each other from their work in various indie bands in the past. This time they’ve joined together for a project, working remotely to record music as an outlet to escape the grind of their office jobs. 

Shape I’m In is characterized by tension and release. A droning rhythmic pattern provides a constant dissonance, which is then built over by layers of warm riffs, cinematic synths, and harmonic vocals. There’s a constant pulse of nervous energy within the song, perhaps alluding to the state of its narrator. It’s a constant push and pull between brooding frequencies and cathartic releases. The main droning line constantly blooms into a wonderful chord with the addition of new instruments, only to return back to its original shape. It’s a cycle that keeps the listener constantly on their feet. 

“Shape I’m In” releases as a double-single with its partner “Rude Health”, both of which are equally intricate and eclectic. Desk lamps have their own tapestry going on, and it’s one that’ll fit well for those seeking an adventure in sound. Catch them on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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