Deron Daum’s latest single “Are You Ready for The Next One” is another one of the many brilliant pop-rock anthems we’ve reviewed in the past few days. Seems like there’s a sentiment among many artists nowadays that makes them eager to make uplifting songs, and we’re just as eager to share them with everyone. Daum used to work as an Engineering Manager at Microsoft until he decided to quit in 2020 to work full-time on his music, so no one could ever doubt his passion and dedication. And if his first solo album’s title, 2021’s “Too Much Music In Me” is any indication, then we can expect many more from this fantastic artist. 

Daum’s first main instrument was the piano but nowadays he’s getting more into the bass, which reflects a lot on his current compositions. Are You Ready for The Next One is full of swelling strings and harmonies, and the accompanying rhythms puts the listener to an urgent pace. Most of Daum’s songs are about other characters, but this time it’s more autobiographical. It’s as if he’s bracing for this new chapter in his life, and as listeners it’s not hard to feel captivated by his voice. 

The single is coming out on March 1, 2024. Make sure to check it out along with Deron Daum’s vast catalog of great indie rock.

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