Vibrant riffs, groovy beats, and a focus on pure sound is what makes Deep Dive Species’ second track of the year, titled “Salt and Water”, so amazing. It masterfully blends electronica with the band’s distinctive sound and theme of nature. With Summer just around the corner, this is definitely one of the songs you’ll need to amaze your friends at your next beach outing.

With addictive bass lines, consistently vibrant beats that make you move, and guitar riffs that are going to be stuck in your head for days even while you’re sleeping, “Salt and Water” is the song that you’d play during the sunset while you’re chilling on a picnic blanket on the warm, coarse sand. It’s what you’d listen to while you’re overlooking the moonlit water from the comfort of a yacht, or maybe when you’re under the shade of a big palm tree. Even though its general theme is all about nature, the track’s electronic elements add a bit more nuance and depth that foregoes the typical “vacation” music you’d hear about piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. It isn’t a beach-themed story; it’s a whole experience. The short and sweet radio samples nearing the end add a touch of reality to the song, as if you’re in a beachside bar enjoying some drinks while listening to the radio DJ talking.

The best way to describe this track is surreal, and if it’s already on repeat for us now, then just wait until Summer comes and this song becomes our poolside anthem. Listen to “Salt and Water” now on all streaming platforms.

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