Descend into the depths of space with Adventus, the latest single from Deep Dive Species. The band is an unlikely collaboration between Vadim Militsin, an electronic scene veteran and Sergey Popovich on guitars. The two have various projects under their name and have decided to collaborate during the 2020 lockdown in New York. Adventus is their first release back together again after their debut album Aquaphilia. 

Where Aquaphilia is filled with oceanic themes, Adventus positions itself in the vastness of unknown space. The soundscape is wide, giving space for the imagination to run free. The guitars and riffs have a grungy edge, with an occasional touch of ephemeral shoegaze. The electronic effects are varied and subtly placed, creating an expressionistic collage that bedazzles the mind.

Deep Dive Species imagines this song as the tale of a cosmonaut who crash landed on a planet of a less developed civilization. He brings light to the people to help them and eventually gets welcomed as a messiah. This reminds me a lot of a recent sci-fi movie, in which Adventus could easily have been in the soundtrack. 

Adventus is a welcome surprise for Deep Dive Species listeners and a further strengthening of a partnership and creative direction. It is a well-written and marvelously produced piece of art that evokes the imagination, an aural masterpiece that transports listeners to the world beyond.

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