Hartepool singer/songwriter Lucas Dawkins aka DAWKS releases their latest single Friday Bliss. This song reminds me of those carefree 80’s classics filled with coming-of-age themes. Friday Bliss has a warm and exhilarating feeling you get coming into the weekend after a stressful time at work or school. DAWKS manages to condense that timeless feeling of bliss, condensing nostalgic memories and channeling it to a banger that blends 80’s rock with modern indie stylings. 

Dawkins’ high-spirited vocals drive the energy of the song, which is cool as it’s the most distinctive part of his sound. His dynamic delivery and unconventional technique is such a unique stamp that listeners could easily latch on to. The equally vibrant riffs and blistering drums paint a youthful exhilaration. Electronic synths paint a shiny sheen on the sidelines, like glistening city lights that fly past when driving at night. It’s like dressing up and driving to a party or nightclub–where worries melt away and obligations are set aside for the next week.

Friday Bliss is a blast and it shines brightly both by itself and in conjunction with DAWKS other singles. This young new artist has captured the feeling of youth along with its ups and downs, and he’s only getting better with each new release.

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