Colin Woltmann’s latest single Saw You In a Dream is a dreamy folk song filled with warmth and nostalgia. Coltman carries the tradition of his early folk influences, leaning into Bob Dylan and John Prine to inform his taste. This song is composed of hazy recollections; vignettes of daily life with seemingly random details that may or may not be relevant but are still curiously well-remembered. This dreaminess was inspired by a time when Colin woke up from a night of bad sleep. He wrote ‘Saw you in a dream’ in a stream of consciousness and using that feeling as a guide, pieced together what the song was about. The result is a sense of deja vu–that weird sensation when you’re supposed to remember something but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

Woltmann crafted an atmosphere here that’s as ethereal and as misty as this quirk in our memories. The result is relaxing, with graceful melodies and soft harmonies blending together well to capture this fleeting sensation. Our whole existence is strung together by these memories, and they can be so delicate. Which begs the question, do we also die a little once we lose these memories?

Saw You In a Dream is a mesmerizing journey we’d all love for you to experience. Colin Woltmann has more for us this year so keep your eyes peeled.

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