Chords of Indigo debuted 2023 with a string of amazing tracks, garnering them a steady following and critical acclaim early in their career. The Manchester-based indie rock artist seems to have kept that momentum in 2024 with their new single ‘Labyrinth’. This new song skirts between heavy and gentle in a masterful way. The riffs are impactful, characterized by dark and ominous melodies with a flair for the theatrical. Lee Hornsby’s vocals are as impassioned as ever, heavy with pain and emotion that cuts through the listener’s soul.

Labyrinth takes inspiration from Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves, a favorite among horror readers for its unconventional layout and presentation. Hornsby manages to channel that emotion with a sound that’s drenched in shadows, yet alluring in its mystery–a triumph in blending mediums together to craft a dazzling sonic experience. 

This may also come as a welcome surprise for those who have followed the artist from last year, as Labyrinth may be their heaviest rock-adjacent track yet. Most of Hornsby’s previous music leaned on emotion with a softer indie rock sound similar to influences such as Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver. This only proves that there’s a wider dimension to his sound and there’s more room to grow.

Chords of Indigo continues to impress with this latest single. With a widening musical range and unique artistic vision, we can’t wait to see what’s next for this exciting new act.

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