Chicago-based rocker and sound engineer Che Arthur has released their latest single “No Harbor”, which also serves as the first sampling for their upcoming album “For That Which Now Lies Fallow”

“No Harbor” is heavy and full of emotional impact. Arthur has channeled his influences such as Dinosaur Jr. and Husker du to craft a looming cloud of guitar riffs, leaving his gritty vocals washed in a smoke of hazy distortion. In it he explores themes of isolation, existential dread and the struggle to survive as a musician in a culture that celebrates youth and newness. “No words but they’re loud and true / There’s no harbor here for ghosts like you”, Che sings as he is haunted by the passage of time and the trends passing him by. His voice carries the weight of rejection, a universal struggle we all can relate to.

Che Arthur’s veteran knowledge and expertise in sound engineering shines through in No Harbor. He manages to distill his rough experiences and ground them with music that he loves, and the result is something that resonates to the listener. No amount of shiny new trends can surpass great artistry and that’s what Che Arthur has brought to the table. Check him out now on all streaming platforms and follow him along with us to see what he’s cooking up next.

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