Bristol-based singer-songwriter Chandra offers a rallying cry in his latest single “I’ll Be There”. He sends a message to anyone listening that despite the presence of war and suffering in the world, each of us can still do something in our own little ways. Chandra’s MO as an artist is to send waves of positivity through catchy melodies and memorable lyrics, but that doesn’t mean that his rock chops have to lag behind. I’ll Be There’s riffs vary between the familiar to surprising, and later on in the bridge there’s a sing-along passage with great rhythmic shifts that would surely be a treat to dance along in a live venue. To top it off, there’s a tasty guitar solo at the end that can melt emotions. Say goodbye to fear and doubt and be assured that someone is there for you.

“I wrote this song to help everyone realize that you can make small changes to the way you act… simply be there for someone, smile at someone and with every single positive move we dissipate more and more bad feelings”. Chandra reminds us to acknowledge that even though it may feel like we are powerless to change the world, we can make things better by being there for each other.

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