Be bound by the alt-rock awesomeness of Centrifuge through their latest single The Spell. This bluesy-rock banger is filled with mystique and magic, where we find its narrator waking up one day to notice that he’s suddenly ended up in hell. They slip into this ghostly figure, walking through the living with none of their loved ones realizing what happened. This spell is infused with lightning bolt guitar riffs and world-shaking drums. Centrifuge’s energy is palpable and the whole song grips the listener so hard with its alluring vocals and intense soulful composition. 

Falling to the depths of hell might be a reflection of our daily modern lives, or a contemplation of our time on earth and how we must all make the most of it. Either way, what’s certain is that ‘The Spell’ is a thrill ride of spinning riffs, catchy lyrics and a seductive presentation that will leave you wanting for more. Centrifuge has managed to put us voluntarily under a spell and all they have to do is to cast the magic of blues rock. The smell of hell might be an issue for some, but this type of funkiness is the sort that we long for in music, especially in this genre. Check out Centrifuge and experience their magic spell.

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