Caution is a power pop-duo from DC, a fragment from the quartet known as Saturday Night. Nora Button and Cash ML had to move into different cities for their own reasons, but the spark to create something together still stands strong. Even with the challenges during the pandemic, the duo still managed to collaborate remotely and to add to each other’s ideas. The result is their debut self-titled EP with six tracks and a genre-fluid sound. One can hear flourishes of folk rock, power pop and jangle pop in each of these songs, sometimes even melding to each other. 

Caution EP has an interesting combination of distance and closeness, what I mean by this is that you can clearly identify the lead songwriter in most of the songs — backed by the other playing a supporting role. Yet even with the individualities of the duo being clear and distinct from each other, they still manage to support the other’s vision seamlessly. It’s a collaborative effort that involves sacrificing time in the limelight for the other to shine, and it’s what gives this EP that distinct edge. 

Opener “Supplemental Supplement” has that rough edge and laid-back attitude with ML on the vocals. His style is more smooth and cool, while Button provides brilliant harmonies in the background. Following tracks “Act Rich” and “Avalanche” however are helmed by Button, who provides an edgier and more intense sound. Minor chords and darker moods drape over these two songs, giving it a grundgy alt-rock vibe.

The lines converge however in the second half, and the bright and dark shades from the duo form into something rather interesting. In “Love’s a High Brow” it comes in via a hazy, surfy power-pop song that feels like summer love with a sharper vibe. “Buy My Life” finds our duo in a psychedelic harmony full of glimmer and jangle, and the EP ends in a dreamy lullaby “Swallow” from Button backed by weighty drums that make it punch through the heart.

All in all Caution is a great EP, and a good example of two visions coming together to form something new and unique. Come check it out below! Caution EP is out now via Born Yesterday Records.