Hong Kong duo Carpe Diem release an ode to nature in their latest single Nature Odyssey. The song follows an elf journeying through the forest, noticing both its beauty and its ongoing destruction. With a waltzing-rhythm and a heavenly cinematic soundscape, the pair of Keith (guitars) and Ada (vocals) manage to create a foundational sound of innocence and bliss. Contrast that with the stormy sounds and stark a depiction of human indifference towards climate change, and the picture starts to get a little dark. 

The brilliant choice of layering pleasant melodies over this dark undertone mimics the apparent lack of concern and sense of urgency that we humans regard the destruction of our ecosystems. The theme of the song is that we don’t have a Plan B because there’s no Planet B, and Carpe Diem has executed on that theme marvelously, harnessing their strengths as a duo to full effect. 

With their many singles, Carpe Diem manages to use their poetic voice to celebrate life and its many ups and downs. Their sound is an intriguing mix of folk and classical with of celtic elements. Nature Odyssey is their wake up call, a blissful reminder of what we have and how we may lose it if we fail to respond to the storm that is yet to come.

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