“Holy Days” by Bryan Dubay masterfully blends ethereal folk melodies with introspective lyrics, showcasing his talent for creating emotionally rich and genre-defying music that captivates and resonates.

The song captivates with its engaging sound and deep, resonant voice, creating a unique blend of Western and countryside themes. The song feels like a call from opposite ends, beckoning a lost soul towards freedom, intertwining expressions of love and beauty with a hint of treachery. As the song progresses, it skilfully transitions between reality and imagination, with fading voices that gently pull the listener back to both realms. The aromatic sound of love is paired with a powerful background tune that stimulates the neurons, only to fade away like a fleeting urge to forget.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Dubay has been a vibrant force in the indie music scene of Western New York and the Northeastern United States since his early teens. His sound, a unique blend of post-indie, cerebral folk-rock, and indietronica, resonates with a broad array of influences from Fleet Foxes to Tame Impala, Portishead, and Elliott Smith. This new release follows his acclaimed sophomore record, “Detritus,” which was praised for its thoughtful exploration of life’s cyclical nature concerning death and acceptance. Dubay’s music continues to evolve, evident in his recent singles ranging from the twangy ballad “Walk It Off” to the synth-driven “Black Ocean.” 

Dubay’s song writing process, as he describes, is an involuntary yet organic journey, driven by a need to create and a subconscious narrative that emerges through his music.

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