Brian Lambert’s new single Never Back Down is a stellar blend of genres. This feel-good punk song about standing your ground and not giving up should be a great addition to any self-motivational playlist. Brian empowers this track with a wash of shoegaze-y guitar textures, great vocal harmonies and a relentless energy that’s reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s anthems.   

Based in Denton, Texas, Brian is an artist with a wide breadth of skill and talent. His artistic voice and songwriting encompasses a global rock perspective, so expect a varied and dynamic experience when browsing through his work. In addition to a solo career, Brian is also the vocalist for alt-rock outfit The Star Crumbles alongside Marc Schuster, which favors an 80’s new wave sound that’s distinctly its own.

Never Back Down is accompanied by its B-side Face Master, which is equally as energetic but with a heavier, sharper edge. Brian Lambert continues to innovate and build on his craft, and with this new offering he has proved that he’s still growing his songwriting toolbelt. Never Back Down is a statement of triumph, both for the listener and the talented artist behind it. An electrifying anthem and just one of the many innovative creations from the mind of a rock n’ roll craftsman.

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