Bosola achieves a very interesting blend of emotions through their latest single ‘Comfort Disorder’. By and large, it’s a break up song that reflects on the closing moments of a relationship. It’s that moment when you’ve tried everything but realize that the best thing to do is call it quits. The reason I find it interesting is that the song is ultimately comforting, with a sing–along melody and rhythmic playfulness that feels like a friend is comforting you as the waterworks come in after your 10th pint at the pub, and after spilling out your regrets and sorrows. 

Genuine and heartfelt songwriting are at the core of Comfort Disorder. It’s about a man who’s down and out, singing his blues while accompanied by wailing guitars, compassionate keys and a drum beat that’s willing to walk you through the emotions. Bosola achieved the perfect distillation of a relationship’s grieving process and surrounded its core of great songwriting with supportive instrumentation that makes it easy to digest and sympathize with. Comfort Disorder is the perfect companion for those who are going through similar rough patches in their lives with hopes of finding catharsis and relief. And if you’re only here for a good rock song, well it has a stellar guitar solo to boot!

Bosola knocked it out of the park with their latest release. Comfort Disorder is out on digital streaming platforms.

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