Blue Karma faces his dark side in his latest single Shadows. This is the solo project of Wilmington NC native Jacob Adams. His sound is inspired by the Neo-psychedelic movement led by Tame Impala, with influences like Mac Demarco and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Shadows is an exploration of a dark psyche, the expulsion of self-destructive thoughts and a depiction of a battle against mental health. 

Adams frames the song as a slow descent into this psychedelic world. He cries out for help as the synths start to swell and the harmonies heighten up. An unexpected shift in rhythm occurs as Adams starts rapping about the part of his brain that’s lost in the shadows. “Everything is fine until you look inside, can you look a little closer?”, he asks as guitar lead lines bob and weave against each other in a complex tapestry. 

This is Blue Karma’s most vulnerable song so far. The music repeats in swirling motion, following the downward trajectory of its narrator. It mirrors the rigid repetition of a life stuck in an apathetic loop. This shadow character must be confronted and defeated at all costs. Adams extends this song to everyone with a similar situation to remind them that they are not alone. Blue Karma is a triumph in abstract storytelling, with Shadows shining a sympathetic light on a serious issue.

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