Blindness and Light is ready to move on to a new chapter in their musical journey, but before that they’re releasing a cover of Kristin Hersh’s “Your Ghost” as a parting treat. After reading Hersh’s book “The Future of Songwriting”, the English post-punk band has chosen to record this rendition to commemorate the end of this phase in their career and also to remind themselves to stay true to their artistic vision. With plans to self-produce a new album slated for 2025, the band has chosen the perfect sendoff to propel them to a brighter future ahead.

As per the band: “To us this song is about evoking the memories of the people and music we love. Ghosts can be good as well as bad.” Vocalist Colin Potter’s delivery is weighty and vulnerable, with acoustic guitars ringing like hollow walls on a dark cathedral. This haunting rendition is both an exorcism of the past as well as a great tribute to the band’s post-punk influences such as Joy Division and Velvet Underground. 

Blindness and Light is characterized by their bold storytelling, undaunted by difficult topics and never afraid to be true to themselves. This rendition of “Your Ghost” not only shows

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