What would you feel if you found out that your loved one was racist all along? How would the knowledge of your polarizing beliefs affect your relationship? 

The whiplash of this emotion is what Blindness and Light explores in their upcoming single “We All Lose”. The band’s sound is heavily inspired by bands like Joy Division and The Smiths–brit rockers who have mastered the art of making hauntingly beautiful music through sorrow and pain. Blindness and Light continues this tradition as the cascading riffs and somber melodies of this track paints a feeling of betrayal. It puts us in the head of our narrator, who goes through the stages of grief as they realize that this relationship can no longer continue.

Blindness and Light are a collective of musicians hailing from all around England who’ve decided to get together naturally to get this project going. We All Lose is set to release on the first of March of 2024. The band has been described as “unfiltered and unapologetic”, and it certainly shows with how much humanity and honesty they are able to convey in their songs. We All Lose feels like a punch to the gut that’s slowly sinking in, and our narrator doesn’t hold back in their description. They call racism a subhuman trait, while sounding equally as defeated for not having seen it before. Truly a lose-lose situation.

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