Nashville-based indie rock duo Blackpool Mecca releases their latest single Pavement.  After a strong showing last year with their EP ‘Since Venezuela’, the band is back with plans to release another follow up this year. Pavement sees them back in tip-top shape with some new tricks up their sleeve. 

Blackpool Mecca’s sound still has that electrifying raw energy and grungy aspect, something they already had a tight grip on since their start in 2019. This one however has a new level of polish, with synth elements and keys added in to give it a more modern feel. How the vocals are mixed also feels quite new, with filters and effects adding more flavor to the harmonies. Overall the production feels ‘fancier’, which could be the new direction they’re exploring further on through this year. 

Pavement tells the story of a breakup from the perspective of the person being told goodbye and its effect on their life. They might still love the other person but they’re now out of reach, so they attempt to patch the void by coping in various ways. This inner turmoil is captured delicately, accompanied by a whirlwind of expertly wielded instruments. All Blackpool Mecca has to do from now is to constantly show up, as it is clear they are destined for great  things.

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