Desperate Measures by Bit3R is a modern disco funk masterpiece. This is the solo project of Michigan’s own Cameron Navetta. My mind was blown when I learned that this was fully a solo bedroom production. A lot can be accomplished with gear nowadays but it takes real work and dedication to make something sound this good–especially with such juicy melodies and tightly syncopated rhythms. Bit3R has managed to capture the magic of disco, blending an old and well-loved style with modernized production to create something that’s the best of both worlds.

Avid listeners of Bit3R would be less surprised however, as this music is the result of two decades of work as a songwriter and musician. This level of quality also isn’t by no means an anomaly. Navetta clearly has a strong grip of the craft, with every song in his discography being a certified hidden gem.

Desperate Measures is a song about taking your shot and making your move. “Don’t let the moment pass you by, I say it’s now or it’s never,” Navetta encourages the listener to be decisive while the hypnotizing groove and wonderful harmonies urge them to dance. Bit3R is an absolute find, and a talent like no other. Catch them on all streaming services and add them to your party playlist now!

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