Fresh indie rock artist Berto releases their new single Contradiction. This is the fourth song off of their upcoming album which is currently in the works. Each song is intended to act as a chapter in the story and this one will be its midpoint. Contradiction is a break-up song from the point of view of the person being dumped. The narrator is left confused by the excuses and rationalizations that don’t make sense and are not consistent with what they were promised at the start of the relationship. 

Berto explores this complicated web with an intricate mix of melodies. Inspired by the vibe and craftsmanship of Tame Impala and The Bravery, Berto has a flair for Neo-psychedelic soundscapes with groovy foundations. Not only do they capture the confusion of being on the receiving end of the breakup, they also add a hint of intrigue towards the other person. This dark seduction triggers a haywire of people-pleasing and guilt-tripping, highlighted by the flickering synths at the chorus of the song. One can interpret it as being trapped in a web of confusion but I’d like to think of them as subconscious warning signs.

Berto only has a few singles out but they’re hitting all the right bases for fans of dancey indie pop and intricate neo-psychedelia. We can’t wait to get our hands on the rest of the album.

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